Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dyrholaey Beach - fragments

my footsteps
deeper than my shadows
at sunrise

in the cold
morning air - the clear call
of a gull

watering hole -
puffins and ducks
in the shallows

thoughts washing up
on the shore

north wind
blowing over the dune grass
sand so still

another grain of sand
on the beach

the sunset and the shore
the cries of gulls

only water
between my footsteps
and the horizon

blue glow
of early evening
a puffin's last cry

flaming sunset
even sand grains
have shadows

These haiku were mainly inspired by Dyrholaey Beach, in Iceland (southern coastline), where we spent our summer holiday in 2004, but also by the beach in Borssele, here in The Netherlands, which will one day be converted into an industrial port because it lies between Rotterdam and Antwerp (Belgium).

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