Sunday, March 02, 2008


200 islands
and you are not on
any one of them

my boat
from island to island
a leaf on the water

Published online at . It's been a busy five weeks, with five more to go before my three-week break. Gabi's sites like this one often give me unexpected ideas and offer me priceless moments of relaxation. A few minutes from now, I'll be returning to work -- Sunday overtime, filling in evaluation forms for my police cadets (students).


Bill said...

I remember the surprise with which a student once said, "You mean you read our papers on weekends?" Of course, today I look back on that from a distance. I like your ku.

Sonny said...

Ella congratulations! Alfred A. Yuson reviewed your book "Sorrows of the Chameleon" in his KRIPOTKIN column in the Philippine Star last Monday, March 3, 2008 :)

Ella Wagemakers said...

Thanks for your comments, Bill. I see you're an ex-teacher :>)) Sometimes it's difficult to do evaluations at school, with students tugging at your sleeve at every corner, and colleagues yakkety-yakking. Oh well ... and there's always poetry ...

:>) Ella

Ella Wagemakers said...

Thanks, Sonny! I got the message already from Krip himself!
:>) Ella