Monday, May 07, 2012

Spring 2012 ... a new start (?)

May moonlight
on her flowered skirt
my mother

monsoon wind
on the poor man’s back
his pregnant wife

spring equinox
the wide empty half
of my bed

early spring breeze
in the shed a gathering
of wildflower seeds

April cloud
balls of dandelion fluff
and no wind

late spring
my long drive to work
pierces the mist
plum blossoms
the chatter of magpies
lulls me to sleep

birdsong ...
near the riverbank, a child
inside its mother

young oak leaves
and yesterday’s birthday

beach sand ...
we both walk away
from our divorce

I originally thought of submitting this for publication, but certain factors turned me off (that's being direct, yes) so I just decided to put them here.  The last 4 to 5 years have been busy, but also heavy.  'Sorrows of the Chameleon' won't have anything coming after it for now, but who knows what a few haiku and tanka can do, just like last time.  At least I know I won't be returning to Square 1.

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