Thursday, March 31, 2005

Manila ... and me

thoughts of Manila ...
heavy cloud shadows
on the paper

gray cogon ...
the desolate fields where
once my heart dwelt

balut shells
in the dark - the movie
was not that good

sundown -
a stray dog barks
at strangers

bay sunset -
the stench of garbage

nightlife -
Mabini's red lights
delay the morning

sun long dead -
the homeland darkens
in the distance

Reminiscing darkly about the Philippine capital. Strange, perhaps, but every time the plane lands, it is evening. My soul experiences a black-out when my feet touch ground.
These haiku were written within the past 3 months.


Pat Paulk said...

Love all the haiku!

Plus Ultra said...

Lovely set of haiku...will come again

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I just don't get it even though I love Japanese stuff.


Anonymous said...

hello ella -- drop me a note when you have time to catch up.