Friday, March 18, 2005

Wild Flowers

Original Version:

Running through the fields of wild grass,
we pluck each other, gazing, laughing,
wild flowers unpetalling, seeds drifting,
strangled in each other’s scented hair.

Your hands stroke my willing shoulders,
my nose your open neck, we face the sun
together, visions of fresh juicy plums
watering our open, insatiable mouths.

Then we take each other’s hand and walk,
flowing from shady mid-afternoon to silver
evening, the fruit-laden, fragrant earth
tasting the honeyed breath of our skin.

Linked Haiku Version:

fields of wild grass

early spring
the honeyed scent
of wild herbs

veiled and deep
the fragrance
of petals unfolding

summer day
in the buttercup field
a cow and its moo

my hair and the grass

paradise -
an earthworm shimmies up
the plum tree

sunflowers - why
do I smile back?

For rather obvious "flowery" reasons, I have never submitted the original version, written in 2002, for publishing. The linked haiku version I have posted online at the Brownsong forum. You don't have to wonder which one I prefer!

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