Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cuttings - 1

We hear that he still goes to work
with his jeep, his shoes
and all of his eighty-odd years.
I stopped writing him years ago,
his last card still in its envelop.
This is how I want it – no creases,
no liana vines or loose shoelaces.
Nagtatampo siya, they’ve told me,
a remark I’ve since tried to ignore.
If we meet at a party I’ll sit
at another table with five strangers.
No one will ask if we’re related,
or if I knew his wife, who managed
her own private stock exchange.
Afterwards we’ll stroll in Mabini,
I’ll play the bargirl he called me,

and ask my husband for money.

The first of several parts.


Bill said...

You've got me hooked, Ella.

Ella Wagemakers said...

That is definitely a compliment, Bill. And now to convince the competition judges from my tribe ... and yet, competition or not, I enjoy it! :>)

Anonymous said...

All can be