Friday, February 18, 2005

For Ri

I see them
as he touches her
between her legs
her fruit ripe, swollen;
his fingers,
long, warm knives,
into her waiting
open in his hands,
his thumb
on her very nucleus;
she moans,
her breath in gasps;
her juice
drips onto his skin,
liquid fire.

He sees me,
his eyes two lights
as he holds her tight,
my eyes slowly orbit
to her face,
flushed, drugged
with desire;
cradling her gently,
his tongue
glides to her breast,
to taste her scent;
a smile
catches, parts my lips;

she sees me, later
as I make tea.

Written at 04.30 this morning ... for Ri.

Published in Makata International Poetry Journal [], Vol. 6, No. 3, March 2005.

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shanna said...

Hi ella nice little visit I had here..and what a juicy poem you can see some of my haiga at
aloha from Hawaii I have two phillipino grandchildren apples of my eyes.....shanna