Friday, February 04, 2005

Haiku Experiment

The winter moon looks cold outside. The writer is working till late at night with the radio on and getting tired and sleepy. [The radio is broadcasting news about the Iraq war.]

Neo-Classical haiku form:

winter moon -
the news weaves through
my scribblings

Shintai haiku form:

cold moon -
news of a far-away war
distracts my pen

Vanguard haiku forms:

a harsh light
as the news interrogates
my sensibilities

cold news - my pen
scratches a trail of blood
on the paper

Senryu form:

faithful pen
a quaint attempt to keep things
black and white

My first attempt to write about a single theme using various haiku forms. This specific workshop was set up by WHC director Susumu Takiguchi. The challenge of a hands-on approach always appeals to me. I haven't as yet received any feedback, though.


roh mih said...

They're all nice, ella! I want to do the same experiment, too. I didn't know there are different haiku forms or styles. Were you the one who sent an email on the WHC mailing lists and yahoogroups? I want to apply. But I kinda got confused with the various yahoogroups. Some are very junior to me, but in the other yahoogroups I want to join, the membership is "by invitation". Could you help me on this? What WHC e-group should I join so I could learn those different haiku forms? Thanks!...and sorry, I should be asking WHC. 8=)

Gone Away said...

Shintai haiku form:

cold moon -
news of a far-away war
distracts my pen

Hi Ella,

I enjoyed reading your variations experiment very much (a good learning tool!), and especially loved your shintai haiku above. It has a nice twist.

far from home
alone on a journey
the moon grows smaller

(muki haiku)